Well hi there. Thanks for stopping by.

With 15 years experience in New Zealand and London, I love design and the ability to make something look amazing, communicate the right message and create happy clients (and I still love the smell of fresh print). But the most important thing I’ve learned is there are no boundaries to design – you can translate a strong creative vision into any medium you need.

I get a kick out of project direction and leadership while creating a strong design vision, and happily switch between leading and a hands-on designer role. Building strong relationships with creative directors, design teams and clients comes easily and has been indispensable while freelancing and immensely enjoyable.

I’ve spent the past year freelancing in London and most of 2011 volunteering and travelling in Morocco and Italy, and am finally back home in Auckland.

Drop me a line to see my full portfolio and cv, we'll talk soon (just don’t ask how my Italian or Arabic are)!